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Since 1953, Krishna Traders has been a cornerstone in fostering robust partnerships within South-East Asian and West African markets, serving over 100 clients with commitment and expertise. Our esteemed consortium, comprising Krishna Traders, Sabitri Traders, and Murali Export House, has a rich legacy in the exportation of specialty products.

Our profound knowledge spans across a diverse range of commodities, which we have consistently exported the following products to our associates in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, China, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Egypt.

Our extensive experience ensures that our partners receive products of the highest standard, reinforcing our reputation as a trusted name in international trade. With decades of dedication, Krishna Traders stands as a testament to enduring relationships and market acumen in the global trading arena.

Agricultral Products

Spices (Whole, Seeds & Powder)

food Grain

Raw Cotton

Non-Agricultral Products

Industrial Chemicals

Frozen Vannamei Shrimp

Stone Chips


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