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What drives us?

At Krishtpaper, our mission is to address the prevalent challenges posed by non-recyclable plastic usage and excessive packaging practices in the industry. We are dedicated to establishing “Minimal Packaging” norms, recognizing the unfortunate trend where, in the pursuit of reducing plastic packaging, many brands have resorted to adding unnecessary layers of paper packaging alongside plastics, masking the issue, rather than genuinely reducing plastic waste.

Why choose us ?

Our commitment lies in minimizing waste and being a transformative force within the paper and packaging industry. Through pioneering efforts, we aim to instigate a positive change, steering the industry towards a greener, more sustainable future specifically tailored to the unique context of India.


Our History: Forged by Ambition

Our story began in 1953, when a driven entrepreneur named Netai Mohan Saha started M/s. Krishna Traders in Kolkata, India. This marked the beginning of a wholesale business specializing in trading various items like spices, grains, and chemicals. Despite facing challenges in the following decades, including the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, we managed to earn recognition from the government as a Trading House and became known as a 3-Star Export House, showing our steady growth. By the 1990s, our influence had spread to Southeast Asia, China, and parts of Africa, where we were praised for our commitment to quality and service.

Building on the success of Krishna Traders, Krisht Paper emerged as a natural extension. With over three decades of experience in the Paper & Packaging industry, Krisht Paper is committed to changing global practices by promoting “Minimal Packaging” and encouraging sustainable paper choices worldwide.

What’s Next ?

Kickstarting our 71st year with Krisht Paper, we are poised to serve as the European arm of Krishna Traders, propelling the company into a new era of strategic growth.

Our mission is to bring the world together, encouraging conscious choices that diminish our ecological footprint—one recycled sheet at a time. We aim to provide biodegradable options in all kinds of paper, paper packaging & food packaging. Join us in pushing boundaries and innovating for a greener, more sustainable future.

Our Values


While many profess the virtue of excellence, we have stood the test of time to substantiate our claims towards our commitment to quality.


Embracing eco-conscious inputs & practices to ensure recyclability of disposed paper & packaging material.


Our offerings cater to everyone, including those mindful of their budget.


With the aim to drive “MINIMAL PACKAGING”, we have the capacity to tailor our offerings and introduce new products to meet the unique requirements of our clients and different markets and becoming their trusted partners in trade.

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